Friday, June 1, 2012

Screamshot Timeslot (June 1st, 2012)

Every Friday, a Screamshot Timeslot will be posted.
The purpose is to guess the name of the movie the screenshot comes from.
There will always be five different shots.
Guess them all correctly, and you win a prize! 
What is this prize, you ask?
Why, a little bit of my respect! A teeny tiny fragment of it, as a matter of fact. Whoever, you are eligible to win only once in a lifetime, thus meaning it is impossible to win complete respect from me. 

Click "Read More" for this week's answers.

11:11=Hatchet 22:22=Dark Water 33:33=Pumpkinhead 44:44=Slither 55:55=The Descent


  1. HBA Welcome Wagon...
    Wanted to let you know, you part of the Alliance. Please stop by and check to make sure your link is correct. Remember to say Thank You and visit the other HBA Members.

    If there was something I was suppose to do for you, please remind me... I was extra busy in the month of April.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  2. I know the one on the bottom right is Slither. I recognize Elizabeth Banks and part of the slime creature. Do I win respect? Yay!

  3. Welcome (belated) to HBA!